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Instant Payday Loan

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So I got a little something for your pay per view

Like Don King I've got the crazy hair do

We've got cameras on Mars on space patrol

Controlled on Earth by remote control

- Beastie Boys, "Remote Control"

Don King. Are there two more words that typify, glorify, and edify the American dream than his name? We think not. Unless you mean quick cash advance lending. But that's four words.

And do you know how Don King started his fortune, my friends? That's right, with an instant payday loan from a corner store in New York City. With that first bit of cash, he started his empire rolling. This is the man who managed the Ali/Foreman Rumble In The Jungle. This is the man who brought Mike Tyson up through the ranks of the boxing world. This is the man who escaped tax evasion charges. This is a man who wouldn't be where he is today without an advance that set him forward on a path that would lead him to the dizzying heights of America!

Do you want to be like Don King? Do you desire the gold chains, the robust hair, the bravado and the spotlight? Go and get an advance today.

Instant assistance

With the power of the Internet on your side, you're going to find it's easier than ever to get a quick cash infusion from a reputable lender. We bet you weren't completely aware of that, were you? You're going to have to make sure that you have a job and you can cover the fees and all that, but man, you know it's gonna be the quickest online way to get cash money that can set you up.

For more information on borrowing, explore the rest of this site. You're gonna find that there's a ton of info on this site that can hook you up. Explore, learn, and get your smarts on.

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