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Faxless Payday Loans

Apply for your payday loan today!

Faxless advances make saving money and making payments easy endeavors. Which is pretty sweet.

Faxless Lending: Helpful And Affordable

Things will once again be easy when you go to borrow!

Everything is better when it's easier. Easy girls, for one thing. No one wants to work hard and go on dates just to get a piece. But let's not kid ourselves, as my man Jay-Z points out in one of his recent hits, ladies is pimps too! So for all you ladies, guys who put out deserve lending props too. You know what else is better when it's easier? Tests at school. Or drug tests.

You have no idea where we are going with this, but thanks to these services, you won't have to worry about either! All that you have to concern yourself with is taking care of your own ass. And that means fast, efficient service -- in the form of a cash advance -- is what you crave.

Holla at me, dogs, 'cause faxless advances are the truth!

Dig it. These are loans that provide you the money you need within 24 hours, with no credit, background or drug tests required. Other purveyors of loans may ask you to submit to all three of these things, even provide a list of references. Not here. We believe in free money, indiscriminately. All you need in order to qualify for one of our mad insane services are the following things.

  1. A job. In order to waive credit checks, we need some assurance that you can pay us back on time. Hence, you give us your employer's I.D. number and we verify that you work there. Then you should be good to go. We won't ever tell them what you're up to, unless you don't pay back your payday loan. In which case we will be spreading all sorts of crazy rumors about you, dog!
  2. A life. Well, more appropriately, an identity. Your own, preferably. While we are impressed as hell if you are able to pull off such a scam from a logistical standpoint, we do not condone identity theft. You will need to provide a valid form of I.D., such as a library card or note from your baby's momma.
  3. A bank. Contrary to popular belief, these advances are not distributed by a thug rolling through the hood in a tricked-out Scion and peeling off $100 bills from his gangster's roll. We wire the funds to your account via direct deposit.
  4. A party. You need somewhere to go. Why else would we grant you approval? Wherever you live, at least most places, there are places to be, booze to consumer, and skirts to chase. So get to it.

Holla at yo' boy. I got the hook up for all the ill no fax payday loans. You know we don't have fax machines in the 'hood. Come on. Give us some... well, Props. You gotta figure that as the ghetto's foremost provider of salary advances, we are at least semi-hard. After all, what kind of people fax stuff in? We hardly even have telephones so how we gonna get approved? That's what I thought. Now back up off before I do something I might regret.

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Two girls acting gangsta

They are just dying to help you out... and give you Props.

[We cannot tell you their names. Not yet. But in time, you will get to know them intimately.]

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