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White hair man holding up handfulls of money.
I have a regular source of income.
I receive at least $1000/month.
I have a bank account.
I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions of this website.

Payday Loan Requirements

Payday Loan Props are being dished out left and right up in this piece! Step up. Keep it real. Come see if you be deserving some. CASH.

Funds Be Goin' Out To All Y'all! Holler @ Ya Boyz!

You've got to give me props - I'm on the way to the top - Stop. I think I just heard a pin drop!

Payday Loan Props to all my dogs. Where my dogs at?

As a leading purveyors of quick cash, we are quick to dish out props. Almost as quick as we are to dish out the funds themselves. By coming here, you've demonstrated a firm understanding of how things work in this great country. You have come here to realize the American dream to the max! Makin' some sweet money without doing a damn bit of work for it. Now that's what we're talkin' about! With a cash advance, you've got it all worked out. Now break me off some of that, real proper like!

Fast Easy - Start Today!

To learn how you can receive a quick payday loan, just cozy on up to that computer screen and let our "experts" show you how it's done, son. You in the right place. Crazy prizzops goin' izzout to you, bizzle. Mad Payday Loan Props up in here! Holllllllahhhhh!

Comin' Right Back Up In Ya!

I give props to my pops, I give props to my mouth. I give props to the 'cap, I give props to the South!

Some may recognize these words of wisdom as a blatant rip off of rapper Lil' Wyte, who is probably rolling over in his grave as we speak. But in truth, it is just the way we do business here. We dish' em out east and west, because we be blessed! Blessed with the gift of verse. Take that - rewind it back. We have got the flow to make ya booty go (smack). Yeah. And you knows it. Our representatives are also blessed with a different gift - that being cold, hard cash. In massive quantities. Thanks to personal loans.

Now we're here to give it out to any consumer that wants it. From our payday loan endowment, your hopes and dreams shall be realized. Here is everything you need to do, broken down for you hella quick into four easy steps.

  1. Follow our links. They will take you to the secure sites of our affiliates. There you will find a tight-ass form with with you can formerly apply for an advance. Fill it out, then fill up your cup, throw your hands up, and let me hear the party say...
  2. ...This is how we do it! Awww, yeah.
  3. Now, within 24 hours you will be contacted by a representative from our corporation. This G will review your application, then verify your identity and employment. You must hold a job in order to receive money. That is because we waive credit checks in the interest of time (and general laziness) but still need some chance of recovering the funds.
  4. Via direct deposit, your funds will be deposited shortly thereafter. Up to $500.00 of free money.

Just like that! All that is required of you to get an advance is detailed above. You take care of the rest. This is the point at which you ask yourself, where is the freaking Bacardi at? Now get your ass on the dance floor! Shake that thing, and get financial relief on the same day. When Payday Loan Props says move - you move... Just like that!

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